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The Forest of Dreamers

An open, no app, freestyle RPG

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Name:The Forest Of Dreamers
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Community description:An open, no app, freeform nexus rpg.
The forest is like a strange dream. Clear in some places, impossibly hazy in others. It’s easy to get lost, to think you’re home... to be nowhere and everywhere at once. Paths weave between clearings and change seemingly of their own accord and sometimes people seem to change or come from entirely different times than they had once before.

It’s enough to drive someone mad.

Once you get in, some are trapped and some seem to flit too and fro from the forest to their homes and back. If you’re lucky, and the forest is accommodating, it might even make itself feel like home. Everything goes. The laws of man and natures hardly ever apply. New people will be stumbled upon and old friends may become hard to find.

You had better mind your step.
The Forest of Dreamers welcomes players of all ages, from thirteen to a hundred and thirteen, however those under the age of eighteen are subject to a few limitations (no smut/largely adult themes) to protect both them and the community at large. All kinds of characters are welcome, all kinds of storylines so long as it does not violate our few simple rules which can be found here. Extended information on the under eighteen restrictions can be found there.

The current mod strives to be friendly - don't hesitate to ask a question if you have one.

Fandom, Originals and OC’s are all welcome. As are doubles. This is a nexus/dressingroom type RPG and we are pretty easy going so long as everyone tries their best to get along.


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